Group Exercise

African Dance
Got Rhythm? Tribal beats, live percussion and powerful movements drive this intense workout. (60 min)

Created by Maria Caruso! Sample a unique sequence of movements that combine the elements of ballet, dance, Pilates and strength training. (60 min)

Boot Camp

A hi-intensity, cardio emphasis with agility & body sculpting movements added in to give you that all-encompassing intense workout. (75 min)

Cardio Ball

Combine stability ball training with segments of cardiovascular exercise focuses on both your heart and muscles. (60 min)


A high/low impact class with a mix of both traditional aerobic exercise and kickboxing. (60 min)

Chi Gong

Mind/Body/Spirit exercise that involves accumulating, circulating, and working with qi, breathing or energy within the body. Unlock inner powers and invigorate, empower, and relax your body. (60 min)

Energy One/E1

Fun & Energizing! The perfect low-impact class if you’re new to group exercise. Includes warm-up, easy to follow, low impact aerobic routines, plus stretching, strengthening, and toning exercises. (60 min)

Danz is Dance! Step onto the “dance” floor with a class created and instructed by Laurie Tarter. (75 min)

Flash Dance

Adding flash to the dance with pre-choreographed routines to a select song list. (90 min)


A body sculpting PUMP class mixed in with segments of cardiovascular work. Quite a workout! (90 min)

Latin Cardio

Explore the dynamics of Latin-based movement and music within an exciting cardio workout regimen. (75 min)

On The Ball

Work all major muscle groups while you’re on the ball with stability ball training. An excellent balance building workout. (60 min)


Mat work and specific exercise that develop core muscle strength involving the abdominals and lower back. A focus on spinal fluidity, balance/kinetic awareness and deeper breathing techniques. (60 min)

Pilates & Props

Incorporates the use of exercise balls, resistance bands, and rods. (60 min)
Pilates Combo

A 30 minute Yoga warm up followed by a 60 minute Pilates class. (90 min)
Pilates Fusion

A blend of classic Pilates with an emphasis on a conditioning workout. (60 min)
Pilates Primer

Learn the fundamentals of core training. This class is highly recommended before performing mat work. (60 min)

The classic Pilates class of mat work and specific exercise that develop core muscle strength involving the abdominals and lower back expanded to 90 minutes A focus on spinal fluidity, balance/kinetic awareness and deeper breathing techniques. (90 min)

Pilates Xpress

A 45 minute express version of classic Pilates (45 min)

Pump up your body by toning, defining, sculpting, and strengthening your muscles with body bars, tubing, and dumbbells. (60-90 min)

New Energy

An entry-level class for physically active participant’s just beginning group exercise. Includes a warm-up, segments of high and low impact aerobics, and some strength training. (60 min)

Silver & Fit

A UPMC- designed program created for the older individual. A good way of getting into a strength and toning routine with added cardiovascular work utilizing resistance bands and dumbbells performed in standing and/or seated positions (45 min)


etch and STRength all in one! Get one hour of muscle lengthening and muscle strengthening with full range joint motion movements. (60 min)

Spin Series


An indoor cycling adventure! You determine the intensity and effort. All abilities. (45-60 min)


A workout that switches from intervals of Spin to Pilates, Yoga, and strength exercise. (60 min)


Kickboxing moves and Spinning keep you working in your target heart rate zone (75 min)


A pin workout with a Yoga cool down. (60 min)


Twenty minutes each of Spin, Pump and flexibility movements add up to an hour of sweat, tone, and stretch. (60 min)


  “Sweating Room Only” raises the bar on a challenging workout that
    bumps up the heart rate and enthusiasm.  An intermediate to                      
   advanced high/low impact class. Get ready to sweat! (75 min)

STEP Series


Basic Step. Bench Aerobics moves. Combinations of athletic and dance based movement using an adjustable platform. (60 min)

Club Step

Alternating intervals of cardio and step along with muscle strengthening and body sculpting exercises. (75 min)

Platinum Step
Advanced step moves. (75 min)
Turbo Kick
Group X and martial arts combine to provide the ultimate choreographed cardio challenge complete with a sport specific warm up, bouts of interval, kickboxing specific strength/endurance training and a Tai-chi like cool down. (60 min)
Yoga Series

Advanced Yoga

Power Hatha yoga. (90 min)

Chair Yoga

Perfect for those with specific limitations- arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, etc. (75 min)

Flow Yoga

Intermediate, fast paced class for strength, flexibility, and endurance. (75-90 min)


Emphasizes Hatha Yoga postural and breathing techniques.
(90 min)


Includes an aerobic element. (90 min)


Includes five steps (rungs) to help manage physical and mental distractions; focus, attention, and concentrations of the mind; control breathing; ending with deep relaxations techniques.
(90 min)


Therapeutic yoga for stress management and aches and pains.

All levels (60 min)

Yoga Combo

A 60 minute yoga class with a 30 minute Pilates Express workout. (90 min)

Yoga Fit

Combines traditional yoga techniques with cardiovascular exercises. Strengthen, stretch, and condition your body to contemporary music. (75 min)

Zumba Series
High energy music, moves and combos that provide a “Feel Happy Workout!” Intervals of Zumba shuffle, salsa, reggae, merengue, samba and cumbia. (60 min)
 Zumba Gold

Designed for all ages and abilities; the active older adult, the true beginner, and/or people who may be limited physically. Lover intensity, not as fast, but just as fun! (45 min)

 Zumba Xpress

A 45 minute express version of classic Zumba. (45 min)
Maria Caruso
Group Fitness Coordinator

Maria Caruso, native of Pittsburgh, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performing arts and dance from the Florida State University at age nineteen and shortly after earned a Master of Science Degree in Professional Leadership with an emphasis on management for non-profit organizations from Carlow University. The founder of Bodiography Contemporary Ballet, Director of Dance at LaRoche College, and Group Fitness Coordinator for Club One. Fitness and the movement of the body is Maria's passion which she brings with her into Club One's group fitness programs.

Meghan Dann
Assistant Group Fitness Coordinator

Meghan Dann
, originally from New Hampshire, began her ballet training at The New Hampshire School of Ballet and The Boston Conservatory. In 2002, she moved to Pittsburgh to attend Point Park University. After three years she graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in dance and a minor in child psychology. She joined Bodiography Contemporary Ballet in 2006 and began her association with Club One. In August of 2009 Meghan and husband Stefan welcomed their daughter Aila Raine to the world.